Adithi Raghavan

Coding 4 Life Science

Adithi Raghavan is a young changemaker. She’s an environmental stewardess dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of bees. Adithi developed an app called BEEducated with a friend through a partnership with MIT that was downloaded 1,000 times worldwide and released on the Google App Store. The app features a quiz, map of bee-friendly locations, and game to teach users about the challenges bees face and how to foster bee health in their own communities.

Speaking at major conferences and partnering with like-minded nonprofits, Adithi initiated a youth-driven campaign to share the BEEducated launch kit, which details how to create a community pollinator garden, and she aims to install a garden in every school in Washington state.

Realizing how community gardening can also positively impact underserved areas through pollinator awareness, Adithi began working with schools in South Seattle and areas prone to food deserts to increase access to food. She currently works with a private school to implement a pollinator garden curriculum to teach students environmental awareness, digital literacy and fundamental science concepts.

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Paulina Lopez

Seattle Parks Foundation

Paulina Lopez is a community and environmental activist and South Park resident. South Park has the highest rate of youth per capita in the area, but with very few youth programs available. Lopez leads the Youth Corps program, working tirelessly to better her community and the environment, and steering youth away from gang involvement. A four-year-old program, Youth Corps supports environmental and health improvement projects including urban forestry, neighborhood tree planting and graffiti cleanup. The program also introduces youth to concepts of environmental justice, educating them on the history of the Duwamish river — from the home of the Duwamish tribe to its heavy industrial use by Boeing during WWII and now to its status as a Superfund site.

In addition to leading the Youth Corps, Lopez sits on the Steering Committee to Revitalize Duwamish Waterway Park, a community-led effort to activate and revitalize South Park's only riverfront park.

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Mark Boyar

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Mark Boyar is passionate about the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley. For the past 20 years, Boyar has worked tirelessly to improve the valley. His efforts have brought other volunteers forward to help develop an accessible and ecologically healthy recreational area that the public can enjoy.  In the early '90s, Boyar and a group of other volunteers joined forces to build the arching bridge over the river at the Middle Fork Trailhead. He has displayed vision, volunteerism and tenacity as he facilitates support for the Middle Fork by working with public agencies, elected officials, nonprofits and local citizens. His nonprofit of choice is Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

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Helen Hoenig

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Helen Hoenig started picking up trash while walking from her house to the health club. It evolved into a passion for picking up trash. Her yellow trash bags and neon safety vest are easy to spot, and Hoenig’s resolve to keep Washington green has made her a colorful local celebrity after being named Grand Marshall of the Duvall Days parade. Armed with her yellow bag and trash grabber, she continues to pick up litter and people's spirits. Her nonprofit of choice is Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. 

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Laura James

Sustainable West Seattle

Laura James is an eco-friendly scuba diver and commits her time to cleaning up Earth’s oceans. She has long recognized the danger of toxins in our waters and spends time removing batteries and other pollutants from Puget Sound. In addition, Laura volunteers for search and rescue missions. Her nonprofit of choice is Sustainable West Seattle. 

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Jan Holmes

WSU Island County Beach Watchers

Jan Holmes's volunteer work with Beach Watchers inspired her to earn a master’s degree in Marine Biology, which led to the increased health of the area’s marine environment. Her leadership created extensive research and data collection on more than 30 beaches, and her thirst for knowledge is contagious. She frequently spoke with students and at public education events to motivate others to get involved. Her nonprofit of choice is WSU Island County Beach Watchers. 

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Gary Colley

North Olympic Land Trust

Gary Colley helped create permanent protection of a 38-acre farm. Gary’s donated legal work has been a key element in protecting more than 1,500 acres of land since he and other local citizens established North Olympic Land Trust in 1990. The land in Clallam County protects salmon and other wildlife habitat, sustainable commercial timberland, clean water and air, scenic vistas, open space and cultural heritage areas in addition to farmland. His nonprofit of choice is North Olympic Land Trust. 

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Mike Town

Washington Wilderness Coalition

Mike Town was the program's first Cox Conserves Hero. Mike helped turn the Wild Sky Wilderness Act into law. He founded a local grassroots group, spent hundreds of hours documenting every component of Wild Sky - 106,000 acres near Skykomish - and consulted members of Congress and the press on boundary issues. As a result, a new wilderness was created within an hour’s drive of nearly one million people. His nonprofit of choice is Washington Wilderness Coalition. 

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