About Nicole Chandler


Since 2005, Nicole Chandler has worked to beautify the open lands area of Morris Park in West Philadelphia, which were once overgrown with invasive plants, littered with trash and marred by graffiti. Disturbed by its condition, Nicole committed to making a change. Her nonprofit, Keep Royal Gardens Beautiful, has held dozens of cleanups, removing and properly disposing of hundreds of tons of trash and invasive species.  

In addition, Nicole has mobilized thousands of volunteers to create garden areas, planting hundreds of flowers, vegetables and trees while generating significant in-kind donations and building an extensive network of volunteers and partnering organizations. She now hosts Tai Chi and Qigong classes. And art classes and volunteer lunches are held where illegal dumps and graffiti once plagued the park. 

Nicole also has adopted the perimeter of the Cobbscreek Golf Course and the Rose Recreation Center, helping to beautify the view to attractive landmarks in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. 

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