About Karen Buck


When Karen Buck shows up at community meetings, she’s jokingly greeted with, “The Malden River is here!” Karen has long advocated for the transformation of the neglected waterway, a tributary to the well-known Mystic River. She’s led clean ups on the Malden, helped install a trash boom and collects data to stop trash from flowing into storm water systems that would eventually end up in the oceans. 

Karen is a community builder and citizen scientist who works tirelessly to revitalize the river banks, create access for boating and improve wildlife habitats She volunteers as a water quality monitor for the Mystic River Watershed Association and leads The Friends of the Malden River. She also has encouraged Malden residents to become participants in open space planning of the waterfront. Karen’s volunteer outreach has helped an entire community see the potential of the Malden River and unite to create more public access.

Mystic River Watershed Association