About Jenni Peters


Jenni Peters has a reputation for working tirelessly to provide safe alternatives for pedestrians, with past projects including engaging over a hundred volunteers to create a safe path below a dangerous overpass. More recently though, she started an anti-litter program called “Pick Ups,” where organized groups of runners go for a run and pick up trash along the way. These organized “Pick Ups” have taken place in Baton Rouge, Mandeville and New Orleans, in partnership with sponsors like Saucony and the New Orleans Track Club.

As the initiative grows, regular “Pick Ups” are being organized in each city. By activating her 13,000 followers, Peters engages her community to determine where the next “Pick Up” should be, allowing others to make an impact on their communities through anti-litter activities while also connecting with the active runner community.

The Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge — the BREC Foundation