About Isabel González Whitaker


Isabelle González Whitaker was looking for way to honor her recently deceased mother, a Cuban immigrant and leader in Georgia’s Hispanic community, when she discovered Coronet Way Park on the border of Atlanta’s Bolton Corridor. The park was available for renaming, and Whitaker saw potential to refresh and revitalize the space. Leading the entire initiative, Whitaker assembled a committee of neighbors and community leaders to determine the design of the park, organized volunteer work days and raised over $230,000 in private funds. Sara J. González Park, the first park in Georgia named after a Latino, now serves as a Hispanic cultural beacon and a safe, inclusive community space that fulfills a need in an area with little public greenspace.

The park aims to celebrate diversity and accessibility through the design and execution to honor the legacy of a community leader, while bringing together diverse communities to play and connect in a safe greenspace.

Park Pride