About Diane Vaszily


Diane Vaszily is a proactive community member who enthusiastically volunteers with two area nonprofits dedicated to conservation and environmental education.

Diane has worked in many ways to support education efforts at the Desert Awareness Committee, a community resource advocate for the Sonoran Desert, and at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center. She wrote curriculum for and initiated a hands-on classroom program using a team of volunteers she trained. As a conservation center volunteer, she serves as a docent, education curriculum writer and mentor for new volunteers. She created a field program at the local park and secured a grant to transport local students to a hands-on education program, formed a team to author a children’s book about desert animals, and leads a team that provides public seminars and classes for other nonprofits.

All told, Diane volunteers untold hours every year with each organization and her work has benefited thousands of people of all ages. Her philosophy is: “If the next generation has first-hand contact with the environment and wildlife in a meaningful and positive way, those experiences will help them become better stewards of those lands and animals in the future.”