About Alberto Tlatoa


Alberto Tlatoa is a food justice advocate, social entrepreneur, historian, artist, community organizer and co-founder of South Central Farm Restoration Committee in South Central Los Angeles.  

When Alberto was a child, his family had a farming plot in the largest urban farm in the nation in South Central Los Angeles. However, it was destroyed in 2006. Since that time, the community has risen up to challenge irresponsible development. And over the past decade, Alberto has led a grassroots food justice movement that seeks to transform vacant lots in the heavily industrialized region into community green spaces. He has dedicated his life to his community and public service, working as a volunteer in the nonprofit sector to increase access and opportunities for low-income communities of color. 

Alberto has served in multiracial community-based organizations. He has also spoken at several seminars and conferences, including being keynote speaker for the 2020 American Community Garden Association conference. Alberto is a current board member of the CANNDU Neighborhood Council, part of one of the largest civic engagement systems in the United States. He chairs the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee. He brings to his organizing work a nurturing and compassionate quality that enables him to meet people where they are by building trust and identifying commonalities to inspire and mobilize collective action. 

South Central Farm Restoration Committee