About Adithi Raghavan


Adithi Raghavan is a young changemaker. She’s an environmental stewardess dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of bees. Adithi developed an app called BEEducated with a friend through a partnership with MIT that was downloaded 1,000 times worldwide and released on the Google App Store. The app features a quiz, map of bee-friendly locations, and game to teach users about the challenges bees face and how to foster bee health in their own communities.

Speaking at major conferences and partnering with like-minded nonprofits, Adithi initiated a youth-driven campaign to share the BEEducated launch kit, which details how to create a community pollinator garden, and she aims to install a garden in every school in Washington state.

Realizing how community gardening can also positively impact underserved areas through pollinator awareness, Adithi began working with schools in South Seattle and areas prone to food deserts to increase access to food. She currently works with a private school to implement a pollinator garden curriculum to teach students environmental awareness, digital literacy and fundamental science concepts.